New Toyota Land Cruiser LX450 OEM Seiken Brake Booster with Gaskets 44610-60792


Don't settle for a big box, chain store replacement, go with what came in your Cruiser originally! This is a brand new, made in Japan, Seiken brake booster with both OEM Toyota master cylinder gasket and the booster gasket for the 1993-1997 Toyota LandCruiser 80 series as well as the 1996-1997 Lexus LX450. Part # 44610-60792. 

This will fit the 91-92 FJ80 Land Cruisers (booster is NLA/disco) but you may need to lengthen the vacuum hose going to the check valve (the check valve is at 10 o'clock where this is at 2 o'clock). Seiken is a OEM parts manufacturer. 

Besides the booster, you will get the OEM booster gasket that sits between the booster and firewall as well as the OEM master cylinder gasket. 

A customer asked us recently the below questions. 

  1. What would we put in OUR truck(s)? 
  2. Is there a difference between the Seiken and the OEM unit?

Answers below:

  1. We have and will put in the Seiken. 
  2. We have had a few OEM units with TOYOTA Labeling on the box. When we had them, we were able to compare them side by side and the boosters are exactly the same. The only difference is the the cardboard box has TOYOTA on it at a considerable markup, which is fine if you want to frame the box :) And of course you'd need to get both gaskets which are included in the Seiken units we sell.

This comes with a 2 year warranty.

NOTE- if for some reason this shows as Out of Stock, please contact us. We are always getting units in, sometimes it just crosses the system. 

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